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Mobile safaris
It is a wonderful experience to sleep in a tent, deep in the wilderness, listening to the roar of a lion and other sounds of the night, knowing they are close, very close.
We watch cheetahs.
Sometimes (very seldom) we get into "trouble", like here in the middle of the salt pans, deep in the mud - but that is part of the experience, and if it happens we know what to do and take it easy. ..
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Self-contained tours through the wilderness. The nights are spent in the unfenced camping sites allowing the closest possible interaction with wildlife. Depending on the itinerary we move from one designated camping site to another, sometimes spending several nights in the same area, in basic rustic facilities. Game viewing activities are mostly conducted in the early mornings and late afternoons, when during the day we go out on game drives...
... and have a drink between digging out our 4x4 car.